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Navigating the Course
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Amen Creek

As seen on the scorecard map below,

Honey Pond has an unconventional routing

which makes navigating the course part of the challenge.

The North, South and West Greens each have 3 hole placements

which are played in a clockwise  rotation.


The 3 Greens are surrounded by 26 numbered Tee Boxes.

Because 6 Tees play to 2 Greens and 1 tee plays to all 3 Greens,

the Tee numbers do not coincide with the Hole numbers.

This unorthodox feature may take a first time player a few holes to adjust.

The holes are determined by matching a Tee Box number to a Green.

Example: Hole #2 is played from Back Tee #4 to the North Green.

*There are separate Back and Forward Tees for each Hole except Hole #6.

Each time players approach a Green they play a rotating pin position.

Ultimately they will play each of the 9 total pins twice

approaching from different directions.

Note: It's easier than it sounds.

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