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The Field of Dreams


In the summer of 2013 we added a unique and intriguing new feature to the Honey Pond experience. We converted an adjacent hay field beyond the South Green into a cornfield..."Field of Dreams".

We built Tee#23, situated on an elevated rise in the middle of the Cornfield

allowing the golfer a clear view of the shot over the corn.

For this challenging 584 yard par 5, the long hitters will be tempted to reach the fairway

beyond Amen Creek...a drive of at least 240 yards.

The strategic players will find safety short of the creek between 170 to 210 yards.

However, a strategic shot  brings 3 bunkers into play

and leaves approximately 380 yards to the target North Green.

All players will  have to negotiate 2 creeks, a marsh, multiple bunkers and 3 ponds.

Field of Dreams is Hole #8 and is the #1 Handicap hole.


North Green

Tee #23

This Google Earth shot illustrates the distance and the hazards

that a player needs to negotiate between Tee #23 and the North Green.

FOD From Fwy.jpeg

The shot above, taken with a zoom lens,

looks south towards the Field of Dreams 

from the perspective of Tee#11 just above the target North Green.

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